At Daffodils Preschool we use a Teaching Strategy called “Emergent Curriculum”. This strategy believes that children learn best when they are actively involved with materials and with others. “Emergent Curriculum” is Nationally known for its forward-thinking, comprehensive, and rigorously researched model which assists in our content-rich, developmentally appropriate program that supports active learning and promotes children’s progress in all developmental areas.

Emergent Curriculum

An Emergent Curriculum helps children acquire the independence and skills needed to succeed as confident learners by allowing children to take part in their own learning and fostering their cuistoisty of the world. At Daffodils Preschool we believe that children learn through play and that we are here to create a consistent, enriching environment to help them do just that.

The five basic components of the Emergent Curriculum are:

Infant Curriculum

To help the infants reach appropriate milestones, we work on motor activities called Physical Experiences which focus on large and small muscles.

Toddler Curriculum

Emergent Curriculum focuses on meeting the child’s basic needs, fostering social-emotional development, developing relationships, and supporting cognition and brain development.

Preschool Curriculum

Our preschool program focuses on strengthening executive functioning skills by building confidence, motivation and participation in each child’s way of learning.

Age Groups










School Age

Toddlers Daily Schedule

8:05 Am - 9:00 Am

Breakfast and Story Time Clean up as they are done

9:00 Am - 9:30 Am

Diapers/Free play

9:30 Am - 9:35 Am

Transition to sensory

9:35 Am - 10:00 Am


10:05 Am

Transition to circle time

10:05 Am - 10:20 Am

Circle time

10:20 Am - 10:30 Am

Transition to outside

10:30 Am - 11:00 Am


11:05 Am - 11:20 Am

Diapers/Potty training and

11:20 Am - 11:30 Am

Transition to nap/Nap

11:30 Am - 12:00 Pm


12:00 Pm - 2:00 Pm


2:00 Pm - 2:30 Pm

Fine motor/Math

2:30 Pm - 3:00 Pm


3:00 Pm - 3:10 Pm

Transition to

3:10 Pm - 3:40 Pm


3:40 Pm - 3:55 Pm

Music and Movement

3:55 Pm - 4:10 Pm

Diapers and Potty training

4:10 Pm - 4:15 Pm

Transition to outside

4:15 Pm - 4:45 Pm


4:45 Pm - 4:50 Pm

Transition inside

4:50 Pm - 5:25 Pm

Free play

5:25 Pm - 5:30 Pm

Clean up and transition to snack

5:30 Pm - 6:00 Pm


6:00 Pm - 6:30 Pm

Table Activities

Zebra’s Pre-Kindergarten Schedule

6:00 Am

Center Opens- Free play in opening room until breakfast time

7:50 Am

Transition from carpet area to tables

8:00 Am

Breakfast – Free play when finished eating and cleaning up eating area

8:30 Am

Transition from tables to carpet area

9:00 Am

Bathroom break and clean up for outside

9:20 Am

Transition from classroom to outside

9:30 Am

Outside time

9:50 Am

Transition from outside to classroom

10:00 Am

Circle, Show and Share on Wednesdays Bathroom break after putting away coats

10:25 Am

Transition from circle time rug to tables

10:30 Am

Art Sensory (optional) Free play

10:50 Am

Transition from Free play to Music and movement in the circle area

11:00 Am

Music and movement

11:20 Am

Transition from Music and movement to lunch

11:30 Am


12:00 Pm

Bathroom break, naptime

1:55 Pm

Transition from naptime to the tables

2:00 Pm

Table activities – Math and writing, bathroom break as we wake up

2:20 Pm

Transition from Table activities to snack time

2:30 Pm


2:50 Pm

Transition from classroom to outside

3:00 Pm

Outside time

3:55 Pm

Transition from outside to classroom

4:00 Pm

Fine motor

4:15 Pm

Transition from tables to free choice activities

4:20 Pm

Free play/ free art choice

4:50 Pm

Transition from free play to circle time

5:00 Pm

Circle Time/ Combine with Preschool in closing room

5:20 Pm

Transition from circle time to closing classroom

5:30 Pm

Late snack – Free play after eating until the center closes at 6:30pm